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How annoying it was of that very moment when you were experiencing a load of the hassle dealing with your breaking down shipping label printer that you thought it would work out as great as you would have expected. It just happens! We have experienced what you have experienced when dealing with the cumbersome of a thermal label printer of malfunction.

Our mission has always been to make quality thermal label printers with high-speed printing capabilities. To be specific, seeing every customer purchase our label sticker printer with 0 complaints afterward is a significant achievement for founding the LUFIER brand.

Thanks to all the support of our customers, we are chasing and getting closer and closer to that point of perfection.

LUFIER INC dedicated to the overall design of thermal printer hardware, software, and printing relevant accessories.

Our R & D team has been digging into this field for nearly a decade, with the experience they obtained over those years of practices that have yielded great inventive results of quality label printers, thermal printer hardware, application software, multi-platform drivers, SDK, embedded system design, etc.

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