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How to improve the printing quality of the label printer in windows?

  2021/4/6 14:49:28

How to adjust the printing quality of the printer in windows?

When the label paper is set correctly, the printing quality can be improved by adjusting the printing speed and printing density.

If you want to print out high-quality labels, you need to have a high-quality printing source first.  Below are two print source files for our test.

Single page label 4"X6"

Two labels single page 8.5"x11.0"

At Lufier Inc., our default settings are suitable for common thermal label paper on the market, but sometimes some unconventional label paper needs to fine-tune the printer settings.

By default, the Lufier printer is set to print at the fastest speed (8 by default). Slowing down this speed will lead to higher resolution and better print quality, and also help to improve the life of the print head.

Increasing the print density number (8 by default) will cause the print color to darken. Setting the density too high will cause unwanted dark lines and / or labels to become too hot and stick in the middle of the print head. Reducing this number will cause the color of printing to be lighter. As long as the label that meets the transportation requirements can be printed, it is recommended to reduce the printing density.

You may access these settings by going to your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices -> Right Click on Rollo -> Printer Preferences -> Settings

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